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It all began with silk-screen printing....and at GRAFFITI it is still our core area of expertise.

Silk-screen technology enables us to print on rigid materials such as glass-sheets, wood, metal or plastic; the thickness of the priniting is not an issue, as long as they are not too heavy. Where the extremely fast machines used in other types of printing fail to cope with flexible and dimensionally unstable printing materials such as cloth, plastic foil or sheeting, silk-screen printing offers almost limitless possibilities. This flexibility makes it possible to use silk-screen printing in the production of bulky shapes and objects such as book-blocks, concrete slabs or shelving.

Exact, durable colours can be found for all kinds of material as a result of the diverse chemcial composition of the printing inks. Also, the colour density is far higher than what is used in other kinds of printing, enabling us, for example, to print colours like yellow on a black surface in such a way that the result is saturated, non-fading and weather-resistant. Stickers for cars which are produced with silk-screen printing can withstand every car-wash. Silk-screen printing is used for printing on many domestic appliances, and the wording remains clear and visible even after constant use.

In our experience, silk-screen printing is the optimal way to refine anything when the aim is achieving a unity between object and imprint. Our work is an interesting and demanding craft, and we enjoy the lively collaboration we have with our silk-screen printer colleagues lie Michael Domberger and Frank Kicherer in Stuttgart and the local area.

Colleagues and clients constantly accompany a printing process, such as Frank Kicherer and Horst Merkle for a work of IMI Knoebel.

Serichroma halftone screenprint
The non-pus-ultra in screenprinting we achieve with our outstanding technique we call SERICHROMA. From the most subtle gradations to the heaviest saturated colors we are able reproduce great pieces of art no matter if it is watercolour or oil-painting. We are able to add finest differentiations of the surface and structures as deep gloss or core matte. Depending on the artwork we print up to 35 layers, each of them adding up to a wide gamut and deepest saturation. The bare eye will be unable to realize how the work is done.

Original screenprints
Many artists prefer to do their artwork as a template to be exposed directly to the screen. Thus we are enabled to do a straight transfer from paint to paper: The artwork is done with dark color on transparent paper or film. Depending on the opacty of the paint we are able to do prints with gradations. The main challenge is to adjust the different densities to the intensity and saturation of the ink we print. Famous German artist Günther Uecker did his portfolio "Tribute To Hafez" in our studio, which was a very extraordinary experience for us.

Part of the portfolio were a couple of prints where sand from Shiraz was added to printed varnish. Here Günther Uecker views a freshly sanded print.

Solid Inks
Other artists prefer using screenprinting in the original way: plain and solid and strong colors. The focus is on the evenness of the colors and the perfect register within colors hitting each other. An outstanding portfolio printed in this way is LUNAR by Sarah Morris, where 52 different colors had to be mixed and tuned, taking into account matte and glossy finish.

Printing and collage
The last edition published by Christo and Jeanne Claude "Wrapped Globe - Eurasian Hemsiphere" in 2019 was printed and partwise assembled in our studio. Starting with the original artwork that was sent to us we somehow reconstructed the creation which included finding exactly the right carboard, tape and wrapping foil. We then had to understand and reproduce the steps of the creation, always in close reconciliation with the artist. It was a very exciting experience!


Our screenprints at FESPA-Awards
Displayed twice screenprints of our studio were to be seen at the FESPA-Awards in Munich. We are happy to have won GOLD for our SERICHROMA-halftone-prints of the "Porsche Jump" (left) and SILVER for the "Couleur Additive Germania" by Carlos Cruz-Diez in collaboration with famous screenprinter Michael Domberger (right).


... and back to a real master of printing
HAP Grieshaber is one of the most famous German wood-block printers. Here is a table placed close to the house he was living in our town, showing a quote on printing.

(atttempt of a translation:)
You have to be young to be able to print. Printing is an adventure. "I dared to", the printed sheet said.While printing, while cutting the dynamism of forcedness, bliss and despair can be experienced.
Printing is an encounter of coincidence with proposedness.
Printing in itself is the experience. Printing is the frenzy of doing and control at the same time. Strain, ferocity of expression, radicalism which is attacked by the laws of computers.
Printing has always been a young art. Don't let it be taken away from you!
HAP Grieshaber, 1978

We adore it! No more words needed.

Graffiti Siebdruck - Siebdruck - Jobs in our company

You want to work as a screen printer and are looking for new challenges? You are passionate about screen printing and enjoy manual work? Do you love special books and unusual graphics? Are printed products just as vibrant and exciting for you as online media? Is a small plastic sign as important to you as a large poster?

You already have experience in screen printing and maybe even more insight into the world of the graphic arts industry? You want a secure job with a good income and regular working hours?

We offer a job as a media technologist (m/f/d) screen printing in our company, which is known nationwide for its exceptional products, diversity and quality awareness. We offer opportunities for further development and promotion.

You enjoy working in a team, sharing your experience and learning from and with your colleagues. You are looking for exciting and varied activities that are less effort and more challenge. We offer a responsible workplace in a dynamic and motivated team, in appealing architecture, surroundings and atmosphere. Our company is located in the north of Reutlingen, easy to reach from Tübingen or Stuttgart and with connections to the public transport network. We pay industry-standard wages and, in good times, performance-related bonuses. Over lunch we talk about many things and certainly not just screen printing.

Join us! Give us a call!

Graffiti Siebdruck - Siebdruck - Artists we have printed for

HAP Grieshaber

Bernd Pfarr

Maria Heyer-Loos

HUG Mundinger

Maria Heyer-Loos
HUG Mundinger
Gérard Zlotykamien

Hadwig Münzinger
Gérard Zlotykamien
Christian Wulffen
Gerold Miller

Giesela Glucker
Andreas Hofmann

Maria Heyer-Loos
Hans Schreiner
Ulrike Franz

Frido Hoberger

Maria Heyer-Loos
Susanne Immer
James Rosenquist
Simone Westerwinter
Tilman Rösch

Sylvie Fleurie
Hartmut Landauer

Maria Heyer-Loos
Susanne Immer
Carola Dewor

Friedemann Allgaier

Christian Wulffen
Harald Reinhardt

Thierry Noir

Christian Wulffen

Dietrich Ebert

Dietrich Ebert

Andreas Hofer
James Rizzi

Ena Lindenbauer
James Rizzi
Robin van Aarsten
40 are better than one (Edition Schellmann)

James Rizzi
Christo (Edition Schellmann)
Klaudia Schifferle

James Rizzi
Lawrence Weiner
Christo (Edition Schellmann)
Gerold Miller
Marc Bijl

James Rizzi
Gerold Miller
Alexander Teichmann
Richard Tuttle
Lambert Maria Wintersberger
Markus Lüpertz
Thomas Lenk

James Rizzi
Uwe H. Seyl
Christo & Jeanne Claude
Rob Hodgson
Hannah K. Lee
M. Hollister
Otto Piene
Marco Facchetti
Jorgen Craig Lello & Tobias Arnell
Winand Victor

KO Götz
Otto Piene
James Rizzi
IMI Knoebel
Daniel Buren
Ronald Franke
Martina Geist
Tim Berresheim
Horst Kuhnert

Jorinde Voigt
Rolf Urban
James Rizzi
Günther Uecker
Bernhard Walz
Jim Avignon

Günther Uecker
Gert Wiedmaier
Reinhard Kleist, Flix, Jens Harder, Jörg Hartmann, Arne Jysch, Jan Feindt, Uli Oesterle (Carlsen Verlag)
James Rizzi
Heinz Mack
Udo Lindenberg
Steffen Schlichter
Stef Stagel
Lude Döring
Oliver Christmann

Jim Avignon
Udo Lindenberg
Freak Orlando
Christo und Jeanne Claude
Christian Megert
Gerold Miller
Carlos Cruz-Diez
Thomas Putze
Heinz Mack
Rainer Schall
Tamar Klar

Heinz Mack
Udo Lindenberg
Wenni Wellsandt
Eva Paulitsch & Uta Weyrich
James Rizzi
Klaus Kühn
Bel Borba
Rolf Bodenseh

Udo Lindenberg
Tony Oursler
Christoph Pöggeler
James Rizzi
Carlos Cruz-Diez
Javier Calleja
Jürgen Brodwolf
Franz Erhard Walter
James F. Gill
Gerold Miller
Christo & Jeanne Cleaude
Jan Kolata
Tobias Rehberger
Andrej Krioukov

Udo Lindenberg
Christian Megert
James F. Gill
Gerold Miller
Rolf Urban
Tinée Hecker
Rainer Schlecker
Andrea Hess
Klaus Kühn
Ute Robitschko
Monika Schaber
Mathias Beckmann
Annegret Soltau
James Rizzi
Ulrich Schneider
Horst Kuhnert

Heinz Mack
Sebastian Priester
Birte Horn
Holde Klis
James Francis Gill
Udo Lindenberg
Rolf Kilian
Julian Hecker
Marcus Pummer

Sarah Morris
Heinz Mack
JEROO Christoph Ganter
Edda Jachens
Wenni Wellsant
Karin Brosa
James Francis Gill
Udo Lindenberg
Reiner Schlecker
Anja Luithle
Johannes Kreidler
Susanne Sutera